Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Kamen Rider Gaim Toy Listings Confirm New Energy Riders + DX Blood Orange Lock Seed Set Revealed

Revealed last time with the Genesis Driver new info has surface the web. It seems that the Riders who use the Genesis driver will be known as Energy Rider, The 5 main riders from Gaim are currently  called as the Armored Riders because they are using the Sengoku Driver. 

Pictured above are the new riders that will appear in the series namely, Rain, Do-Q and O-gi. They were first revealed in the previous scan along with Kamen Rider Rain's Arrow, Lemon & Peach Lock Seed.

And for the upcoming movie of Kamen Rider Gaim X Wizard Movie war , And evil version Kamen Rider Gaim makes it appearence alng side with the new DX Blood Orange Lock Seed Set. Te set will be release on December and it will cost around 1,800 Yen.

Revealed are the Armored Rider Griton & Dandeliner Lock/Bike set, Banana Arms Baron which can also be used by Gaim, a silhouette of Gaim's upgraded form to accompany the Genesis Bow, the DX Ryugen Driver, the reveal of the Golden Lock SeedCampaign items, and the reveal of a brand new Armored Rider, Kurokage and his hopper vehicle Tuliphopper!

Source: Tokunation, Heroshock

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