Friday, 4 October 2013

Pokemon X & Y: Starter Final Evolution Leaked + More New Pokemon

The picture above is the final evolution for Pokemon X & Y Basic starters. Earlier was reveled Greninja, an evolution of Froakie. Quilladin will evolve into Chesnaught and Fennekin final evolution is Delphox. So which will you chose? a Juggernaut? (AWWWW YEAH!) Magician? or a Ninja?

For the new revealed Pokemon is Klefki the Key Ring Pokemon. Also apparently a key (and keyhole) itself, Klefki (steel/fairy) is the only known Pokemon to wear ornamental carcasses of felled members of its species. Once it kills its competition, it inextricably links them to its body as a sign of power, commanding respect amongst the species.

Also another new pokemon that will spook you this Holloween XD, The names Pumpkaboo the Pumpkin Pokemon, Also Phantump and Bergmite the Ice Chunk Pokemon

Source: Destructoid

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