Monday, 7 October 2013

Kamen RIder OOO Shocker Form Debuts in S.I.C Hero Saga

Recent magazine scans shows off a new form will be debuting for Shocker OOO in S.i.C Hero Saga

To put what your seeing in perspective: Kamen Rider OOO’s entry in S.I.C Hero Saga has him battling against four evil organizations from classic Kamen RiderShockerGel ShockerDestron, and G.O.D. Each organization is represented by a Greed and corresponding Medal. 

The four organizations attacks Hino Eiji during his visit to New York City. With these new powerful Greeds at their disposable, this results in the creation of Shocker OOO and the form in the scan is created from using six of these Medals. 

Unfortunately, the scan gives no indication if this piece will be coming out...if at all. Last year, an S.I.C TamaShi Combo fromLets go Kamen Rider and a BuraKaWani form were both shown in scans but never released to the public.

Source: via Tokunation

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