Thursday, 3 October 2013

Voltron License Returns To Toynami + 24″ Jumbo Voltron

What’s old is new again as Toynami has announced the return of Voltron: Defender of the Universe to their stable of licenses. In announcing the new license, they also reveal that they will be producing their own 24″ Jumbo Voltron as well as a highly detailed transformable die-cast metal Voltron. Here’s their statement on the acquisition:
Hey everyone! Join us as we welcome return of an old
favorite: Voltron!
Under Toynami’s new agreement with Classic Media and World Event Productions, fans can expect to see collectibles toys, from a all new 24″ Jumbo Voltron to a high-detail transformable die-cast, celebrating Voltron’s 30th anniversary! Look for more details on our exciting new line of Voltron products soon!
As Toynami welcomes back one license, we must regretfully bid farewell to two others. After a long and mutually beneficial relationship, Toynami has elected to end its Bleach and Naruto product lines. Thanks to all the fans for their outstanding support!

Source: via ToyArk

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