Monday, 28 October 2013

Ultraman Ginga DVD Volume 1 Released & Volume 2 Announced !


Now are on sale Ultraman Ginga volume 1 has been released. For those who didn't buy it yet, I say let's buy it. Why? because the content of the disc will include:

-Ultraman Ginga Episode 1-3
-Rare footage of the production site full of making picture privilege to " Galactic THE LIVE! "
-A full episode of Redking Hunting (Daikaiju Rush Ultra Frontier)
-Spark Notes Vol.1


And as for volume 2 of Ultraman Ginga, the Blu-ray/DVD will be released and subsequently to the next month which is on November 22, 2013. Volume 2 will have Episode 4-6, Of course the making of Galactic LIVE and the recently Daikaiju Rush!

Source: M-78

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