Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Gokaiger Suits Power-Ups In Super Megaforce!


 There’s been a lot of speculation about how Power Rangers Super Megaforce would utilize the Gokaiger suits ever since the series was revealed to retain the Goseiger garbs while using Gokai footage as a base. Well, Fury Diamond over at RangerCrew has finally answered that particular question via information from his sources: the Gokaiger suits will be used as power-ups! 

Though the Rangers will still morph into their normal Megaforce suits using their power cards and Gosei Morphers by default, they will also be able to transform into a new “Super Mode” (AKA, the Gokai suits) and in turn, gain the ability to morph into past Ranger teams. There’s no word on if the Super Modes will still utilize the Ranger Keys or how the Rangers will access it from their normal forms.

Source: RangerCrew

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