Thursday, 28 March 2013

Latest "Pacific Rim" Mech Posters Represent Russia and China

A couple days ago we featured a poster that put Japan's Coyote Tango Jaeger in the spotlight, promoting Guillermo del Toro's upcoming mechs vs. kaiju flick Pacific Rim. Now it's time to get a closer look at what some other countries are bringing to the fight. 

We've seen smaller blueprint-style versions of the mech lineup, but the latest posters feature full-on bombastic depictions of the Jaegers from Russia and China. 

First up, Russia's CHERNO ALPHA:

Check out the wicked blender arm on China's CRIMSON TYPHOON:

Yes, we live in a world where this movie exists, and it's scheduled to premiere in theaters on July 12.
Source: via Crunchyroll

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