Friday, 15 March 2013

'Legacy' Megazord listed at Toys 'R' Us

 While the Megazord isn't in stock , this confirms that he'll be available both online and at physical retail. Bandai's "Legacy" Megazord (the helped start a phenomenon in America with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) is a retooled version that features die-cast parts and metallic paint while maintaining the original's ability to combine individual zords.

The American release of Bandai's MMPR "Legacy" Megazord is US$60, which is close to Canada's US$60 (currency differences and all that). Expect to find him online and at retail soon. (Hopefully Toys "R" Us doesn't pull this listing like they've done with some previous ones.)

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  1. If you a collector be careful, the white paint on the left side of the helmet mask is unlevel and looks like the paint spilt or crack.