Sunday, 31 March 2013

Super Action Statue Silver Chariot Second Version Review



Silver Chariot Second Version A.K.A, OVA color version was revealed along side Dio Brando black color pallette, the price was 3,990Yen.

This figure includes the same set as the first one but only some new colors has been added, It includes his fencing sword, some changeable hands, Anubis Stand (The one that looks like a kantana

  Unlike the first version which colored completely silver from head to toe, The new one has painted gold in several parts of it's amour which kinda fitting resembling the OVA.

Such as thin and sharp thorns of the elbow,
There are mounting holes on the back of the stand to place the stand/stage


The colors are matched and the joint painted painted as well.

Polnareff and Silver Chariot

Standing side by side with the normal Silver Chariot, I think both are great but the Second version exposed abit more than the normal one.

Next is Anubis a Stand/Spirit thats rest within the kantana. In the manga Polnareff exedently holds the sword and end up being cotrol by it. Slightly poisonous shade of blue and purple color scheme.

Action Time!

The new part of the annual plate, was a hole in the base but also comes with a pole for decoration.

It's been a long time for this type black characters would have been commonly used in three-part imitative transparent plate.

Silver Chariot looks perfect along side Polnareff , both color goes on well.

Try saying this in a french accent, "My Silver Chariot will pierce to your shield...on guard!"

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