Monday, 23 September 2013

Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax

Be like Goku with the all new Dragon Ball Hair Wax. It has 3 different kinds of wax, Wax 3-Normal,
Wax 5-Strong Hold, and Wax 7-Ultra Hard.

Wax 3
It directs wave and a feeling of movement of natural natural hair with moderate hold power
• When you want a bundle sense of light hair destination
• When you want to add a light movement in straight style

Wax 5
Hold power in a solid, long time keep an accent style imaginable
• The base part of the item is to give a volume f the wax
• To finish when you produce a strong feeling wave hair bundle sense

 Holds the hair in with ultra-hard, stands for a long time keep the texture and texture style in an imaginable way (Spike, Punk or Like Goku's Super Saiyan  Hair)
• The solidly hair and aloof men's hair
•When the torsion and hair bundle sense, you want to keep for a long time start-up feeling

Price: 980 Yen

Source: P-Bandai

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