Thursday, 19 September 2013

Reiko Chiba says "Burai" Returning for Zyuranger Special

The developments continue to build regarding exactly what the Zyurangers (the Sentai series that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers used the footage from) have coming up that actress Reiko Chiba, who played the Pink Pteraranger, revealed on Twitter!

Originally revealed a month ago that she and the other actors from Zyuranger had been contacted by TOEI, Rekio Chiba has all but confirmed that it is Kyoryuger related via twitter.

Dukemon22 has already reported that there is a Zyuranger/Kyoryuger "meet-up" in the works planned for the end of the series.

Responding to a fan question on whether or not Burai the Green Dragonranger would return or not seeing as his character in the show would, uh, how do we put this, "have a lot of explaining as to why he's there", Reiko added that indeed, "Burai" is involved with the Zyuranger special. We're hoping this means that Shiro Izumi is rejoining his fellow cast.

This is notable because Shrio Izumi is retired, and has not been involved in acting, or anything Super Sentai related, in many, many years.

But as to what exactly the Zyuranger special is, we just don't know yet. But it's safe to say it's Kyoryuger related, AND, Burai is returning!

Source: via Orends: Range via Tokunation

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