Saturday, 28 September 2013

Pokemon TCG: New Slyveon Collection & New Rules Coming In November!

A new “Sylveon Collection” is set to be released in America on November 15th! It will come with a brand new holo Sylveon promo, Eevee and its other Eeveelutions as holo promos, a Fairy-type Energy card, a Sylveon figure, and four Black and White series booster packs.

The official Japanese Pokemon TCG website has announced upcoming rule changes for the TCG. The following rules will go into effect starting November 8th, the day the X and Y Beginning Set is released. It is unknown when these rules will go into effect internationally.

The New Rules Are:
-The player who goes first cannot use an attack on their first turn.
-Pokemon Catcher will now require a coin flip.
-Since the new Professor Sycamore card has the exact same effect as Professor Juniper, you can’t play both cards in the same deck.

Source: via Poke Beach

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