Thursday, 12 September 2013

ShouGeki GouRaiGan Plot Details, Characters, Revealed!

When the current series of Garo finishes a new independent tokusatsu will be taking it's place in the same time slot, ShouGeki GouRaiGan!. If you were a fan of such off beat shows as Kamen Rider Hibiki, Daimajin Kanon, or Garo then this is absolutely the show for you!
  • Series premieres October 4th and 1 AM (Garo's old time slot)
  • In the Chosinkai world the Hikaribito, exist. The criminal sect of these beings is called the Kagebito
  • Existing both on Earth and Chosinkai are the evil Magi creatures
  • The main hero, Gou finds himself stranded on Earth with the spiritually powerful girl, Kai Hitomi. after capturing several Kagebito, and being attacked by the Magi
  • Together they have 100 days to gather up the Kagebito Gou has lost on Earth from his crash, while fighting the Magi, before the Hikaribito come to Earth and wage all out war.
  • The names of the 5 heroes make up the series title; Shou, Geki, Gou, Rai, Gan

Some toku alums joining the series are Shinkawa Yua (Pink Buster) as Hitomi, Yamamoto Shouma (Kamen Rider Saga/Dan the White Knight) as Gan, and Toshihide Wakamatsu AKA Black Condor from Jetman!

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