Monday, 9 September 2013

Transformers Masterpiece Sound Blaster Revealed!

Transformers Masterpiece molds are expensive so the best way to get money out of them is to just repaint them into another character. This time around MP-13 Soundwave is getting a second life as MP-13B Soundblaster, just like his animated counterpart did in the Headmasters series. As revealed by TFSourceSoundblaster isn't coming alone as he'll be paired with Decepticon tape Ratbat made from an all new mold. They've got him penciled in for a March 2014 release.

But before that comes MP-12G based on the G2 version of Sideswipe as seen in the Marvel comic series. The figure comes in the G2 black colors and Autobot symbol and the comic's trademark giant guns and a sword. He was first seen at Tokyo Toy Showback in June and is expected in February 2014. 

Source: via Tomopop

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