Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hasbro Transformers: New Official Images Of Generations Deluxe & Beast Hunters Cyberverse Figures

Once again Amazon comes through with a new official look at a number of Transformers. 

From Generations' Deluxe line we've got:
-Skids looking an odd baby-blue rather than his usual dark blue from G1 and the accompanying IDW comic.
-Goldfire (or Goldbug if you prefer; Bumblebee remold).
 -Waspinator hasn't really changed much since Botcon and with all of the colors at play it's no wonder it doesn't match the comic perfectly. 
-Dreadwing (Megatron remold) looks identical to his comic, but maybe dark gray would have been better in place of the black to bring out the details. 

For Beast Hunters we've got several figures from the Cyberverse Legion class. 
-Rot Gut (green repaint of Blight) now has eyes painted in rather than a visor.
-Divebomb (Windrazor repaint) now has a much lighter shade of gold over the original image.
-The Ace Vehicon figure now has painted details in vehicle form that were absent from the original images.
-Bluestreak (Smokescreen repaint) is basically the same as what we saw before, though the paint lines aren't nearly as clean as on the prototype.

Source: via Tomopop

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