Thursday, 19 September 2013

Power Rangers Legacy Collection Bonus Features Teased!

The ultimate Power Rangers DVD collection is only a couple of months away (December 3rd) from being at your doorsteps. With a limited run of 2000 copies being made, each individually numbered, time is running out for you to order your set! To help influence your decision, Brian Ward of Shout! Factory took to YouTube to give you a little insight on what the DVD of bonus features that's exclusive to this set has to offer you.
  • Music retrospective with Ron Wasserman
  • Writing the Legacy with Tony Oliver, Doug Sloan, Jackie Marachand, and more
  • A look at the Villains with Robert Axelrod, Barbara Goodsend, Vernon Wells, and more
  • The SDCC 2012 20th Anniversary Panel
  • Green Ranger Kata
  • And more!

This set, along with every single season of Power Rangers spanning from the first episode of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers to the last episode of the current season of Power Rangers Megaforce, comes with a 100 page booklet, a total of 6 DVDs of bonus features (1 DVD being the exclusive content listed above), and probably the coolest DVD holder known to mankind with the Red Ranger helmet (note: you can't wear it).

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Source: via Tokunation

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