Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Televi-Magazine April 2013: HD Kyoryuger and Wizard Scans

Scans reveal that the Zyudenchi can bestow other powers to the Kyoryuger! Examples include #15 Allomerus, which allows the user to launch a stream of fire from the Gaburevolver and #13 Kentrospiker, which allows the Gaburevolver to launch needle shots! Also seen are more images of Beast Hyper, Super Hero Taisen Z, and several toys, such as the DX DeinoChaser and KyoryuRed Set, and the first clear image of the PlaMonster, Violet Golem!

For those collecting Zyudenchi, the Candy Toy and Gashapon sets are shown! Also the next Candy Toy Wizard Ring Set!
Candy Toy Set 1: Gabutyra, Stegochi, Dricera, Allomerus, and Igeranodon.
Gashapon Set 1: Gabutyra, Stegochi, Dricera, Stymero, Beyonsmo, and Tuperanda.
Candy Toy Wizard Ring Set 7: Excite, Please, Light, Drill, Hibiki, Agito, ZX and Amazon.

Source: via KamenRiderOOO

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