Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Kamen Rider Ryuki Advent Card Archives


 Just like the Blade Rouser Card,Bandai has decided to release Ryuki Advent cards. Celebrated its 10th anniversary from the start of broadcasting, the "Advent Cards" which appeared in the movie "Kamen Rider Ryuki",

Bandai appeared to premium luxury specification in the design in the play!, Commitment to the beauty of the silhouette of his hand when it adopted a special size of approximately 130% of the Carddas.


 To all 129 cards that are configured based on the Advent Card like in the TV . In addition to the normal specification, also includes parallel version (The on on the left)  luxurious subjected to paper holographic foil stamping. It will come the 3 survive cards. Also, abooklet will be include and the description also carefully conducted interviews in each of four main cast

Release Date: November, 2012
Price: 8,400 Yen

Source: p-bandai

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