Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Figma Link Revealed!


 The story of brave men dressed in green clothing be handed down as a legend,Living in old age one of the most, the link of "The Legend of Zelda Sword Ward Sky" is now a figma!
"Master Sword" One of the accessories are also firmly painted reproduction complex along with the sheath!Now his birth in that is drawn along with the "file" spirit,~ I was responsible for the theme of the story exist.


 Equipment is also a symbol of the same series with the master sword,We also offer "shield of Hairia" enormously strong shield.Atmosphere is heavy with a sense of cool.

"Shield of the" Master Sword "" Hairia isIt is also possible to piggyback aligned like this!Incidentally, the link of "Ward Sky Sword" is a right-handed, as a bonus element, You can also reverse or equipment to have for the hand of each.

In addition, the image of a slashing of "Sky Ward" and representation in the visual illustrationComes with "effect parts"!

Also quite a handsome face.Expression and bangs part because there are two types, respectively,Please been reclassified to suit your liking. 

Even as we did "figma Sams" to toe, and has established a mobile.Revitalizing and what the character's gimmick will want to take strong action poseI think so, - please try various means to play with If you have sent to you.

Above, was introduced in figma link!Here is expected to begin accepting reservations guide in the near future!Release will be (including tax) Release Date: October, 2012
Price: 3,800 Yen

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