Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Nintendo Previews New Wii U Console Before E3

Right before the E3 conference, Nintendo did an early preview of their upcoming Wii U console. The presentation you see is done by Nintendo’s president Iwata Satoru.

 The controller is called “Wii U GamePad”, and has been redesigned following last year unveiling. It features a 6.2-inch touchscreen with motion and gyro sensors and a built-in camera. The controller will serve as a secondary device to display maps or other information to complement game play, acts as a touchscreen game board and even act as a second monitor.

 Other highlights worth noting is the addition of the social network “Miiverse (Mii Universe)”, where gamers can connect their game avatars together, so they can have fun discussions and co-op gameplay.

Another key feature of the Wii U would be its NFC (near field communication) that will allow gamers to communicate and scan cards and even toys. I’m expecting gamers to snap up tons of collectible merchandises with the launch of this feature.

Source: Alafista

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