Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Naruto: Road To Ninja Alternate Might Guy Costume


Part of the big promotional roll out for this summer's anticipated 10th anime anniversary movie, Naruto: Road to Ninja, is an exhibit at the Sunshine 60 Observatory in Tokyo. The event has afforded a better look at a number of the movie's mirror universe versions of the series cast and a first look at the alternate Might Guy. 

Remember, it's the familiar versions of Naruto and Sakura in the movie:

Nice date stamp on the Lazy Guy illustration...

Apparently the alternate take on Sai is that he's an artist:

There's also a new short TV spot for the movie:

And a better look at Sakura's parents:

From the movie's Twitter feed, Masashi Kishimoto doing a bit of promotion:

Some tie-in food:

Source: via Crunchyroll

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