Monday, 4 June 2012

Pokemon B&W 2: World Tournament, Pokewood, And Reijuu Forms

The cover for June's edition of Corocoro was uploaded onto the internet this morning, and it features new forms of Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus in the bottom left corner. Tornadus now has huge new wings, and Thundurus has a giant new jaw to match...


On the first two pages, we learn that Cheren has become a Gym Leader in the Unova region, using Patrat, while Bianca has become Professor Juniper's assistant and is the character who gives the new player characters their Starter Pokemon. Speaking of the Starters, they received new official artwork, with Oshawott finally showing more than one facial expression. Alder is also present at the start of the game, but nobody seems to know where N has gone after BW.

The next pages explain a new feature in BW2 called the World Tournament. Here you'll be able to battle Gym Leaders and Elite Fours members of all previous Generations, including Cynthia, Blue, Brock, Misty, Giovanni, Volkner, Steven and Lance. In the screenshots of the game, you can also see sprites for Janine, Erika, Lt. Surge and Blaine.

The third set of pages discuss the other new feature, Pokewood, which is essentially a combination of Pokemon and Hollywood. Brycen is present because he was said to be an actor in the original games, and basically the feature seems like the new Contests/Musicals/what have you. Homika is also revealed to be the second Gym Leader you fight.

This set of pages reveals the new forms of Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus. Tornadus has taken on a bird-like appearance, while Landorus's new form is modeled after a grounded animal similar to a cheetah. Thundurus's new form seems the most confusing because it looks humanoid in the picture on the left but has scrawnier goat legs in its anime artwork a few pages later. The new forms are called Reijuu forms, with the originals being named their Keshin forms. The Reijuu forms are available from the new 3DS eShop game Pokemon AR Searcher and can be transferred to BW2.

This set of pages reveals Meloetta's Step forme and explains how she changes between her two forms. Official artwork for the Step form at last!

These pages show us the official stock art for Meloetta's Aria form as well as Keldeo and give us some information on their event giveaways happening during the summer. Meloetta will be Level 15, knowing Round, Quick Attack and Confusion. A sharp eye will notice that the Basic Badge is the first one in the Badge case, indicating that Cheren is a Normal-type Gym Leader. Since you're starting at the other side of the region than you did in BW, this obviously means that Cheren isn't Nacrene City's Gym Leader. Wonder what Lenora's doing?

The final page reveals two new EX cards, one for Black Kyurem and one for White Kyurem, with both being Dragon-types. The opposite side reveals that the BW series is renaming itself "Best Wishes - Season 2," probably to help promote Black and White 2, and it looks like some older characters will be making returning appearances, including Cynthia and Dawn; meanwhile Team Rocket and Giovanni pursue Meloetta.

Also, the newest TCG expansion, Dark Explorers, was released on Wednesday and the Deck Dex has been updated accordingly. The site menu for the TCG section was also broken up by Generation and, as always, I recorded a booster box opening for those wanting to see the cards in the set.
Source: via Psypoke

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