Monday, 18 June 2012

Kyoichi Tsuzuki Launched "Readsiders Weekly" Magazine


Longtime chronicler of Japan funkiness and characters just this side of normal Kyoichi Tsuzuki, the force behind various omnibus tomes like Roadside Japan, Tokyo Style, and Happy Victims, has just launched a new online weekly “mail magazine” (an email newsletter to you and I): the Roadsiders’ Weekly. Previously Tsuzuki-san had quite an active blog where he would post his latest sojourns into Japan’s pop cultural belly.

 He now apparently wants to see if he can monetize his considerable photographic (and essayist) output with this newsletter, which will run subscribers ¥1,050 a month for four issues. Members will also be due to receive invitations for pre-openings of any Tsuzuki exhibitions, the opportunity of meet-up style get togethers, and special access to out-of-print Tsuzuki publications.
It should be noted that the newsletters are in Japanese only, but we hear the pictures are multilingual.

Source: Japan Exposures

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