Thursday, 12 July 2012

Kamen Rider OOO Mascolle: Premium Purple Desire Set

 Eiji transforms into a purple-eyed Tatoba Combo due to Doctor Maki transferring one of his Core Medals into Eiji's body, turning him into a mindless monster to attack Ankh before transferring another to cause Eiji to transform directly into the Eiji Greeed. While no official name is given to it during the show, Bandai's S.H.Figuarts toyline and the Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes Fourze video game call this form "Tatoba Combo (Purple Eye)

 After absorbing a vast amount of Cell Medals, Eiji uses the King's Core Medals which Kougami gave him to transform into a more powerful version of Tatoba Combo, referred to as "the True OOO" by Kougami. In this state, Kamen Rider OOO's power has increased to the point of momentarily surpassing the purple Core Medals, allowing him to dual wield the Medajaribur and the Medagabryu, as well as defeat a complete Greeed with the Tatoba Kick. Also, the projection of the three rings of Medals that manifest during OOO's usual transformations are replaced with floating projections of the Taka, Tora, and Batta Medals only, before forming the O Lung Circle image of Tatoba.


Release Date: December, 2012
Price: 3,360 Yen

Source: P-Bandai

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