Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Project X Zone Screenshots

Leaving behind her robot from the Marvel vs Capcom series, Tron Bonne from the Megaman Legends series is coming into battle as she forces her Servebots to handle all of the labor and fighting. Namco x Capcom's dynamic duo Reiji and Xiaomu are back in their second cameo as they reunite with KOS-MOS and their buddies from SRW OG Saga Endless Frontier. We also have Devil May Cry's Lady bringing in more huge guns to the battlefield, along with Lindow from God Eater and Bahn from Fighting Vipers jumping into the chaotic rumble. 

In other great news, Yoko Takahashi the singer behind Evangelion's opening theme will sing Project X Zone's opening theme, which is a plus if you enjoy her songs. 
Now if only October 16 would come already, but at least it gives them more time for them to reveal more goodies.

Source: Andriasang

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