Monday, 9 July 2012

Macross: The Musicalture Cast Revealed


As part of the Macross 30th anniversary celebrations, Macross: The Musicalture will be staged at the Tokyo Dome this October. Set in 2062, the musical will follow the New Macross Class 29 fleet immigrants facing social unrest due to an economic collapse, leading to the revival of both the Zentradi warrior principles and a Miss Macross Contest.

The cast includes

Vigo Walgria - Takuya Kikuchi

Ash Anderson - Tsuchiya Shion
Sakura Crawford - Kanae Yoshii 

Daryl Wagria - Risa Uesugi
El - Ayumi Hinata

Sonia Doel - Ai Hasegawa
Charlotte Marion=Glass - Sayaka Kanda

Source: via Yaraon

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