Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Universe Accel & Cosmic Drive Trailer


 Namco Bandai will release Mobile Suit Gundam AGE for PSP in two versions—Universe Accel and Cosmic Drive. The two versions include different mobile suits in their cross-play missions. Universe Accel will have suits from the original Mobile Suit Gundam and other series, while Cosmic Drive will have suits from Gundam 00 and others.


One of the main features of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE is that you can customize your mobile suit. Five parts—core wear, arm wear, leg wear, weapons, and an option part—can be customized to build your own mech.
Drops from enemies can be used to create blueprints. These blueprints are then used to create gear.

Check out the video:

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