Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Monster Rancher Anime Adaptation Now On Hulu


The 1999 Monster Rancher anime adaptation animated by TMS Entertainment is now available on Hulu for streaming. The series is adapted from Tecmo-Koei’s monster breeding series of games whereby monsters are created using various methods, from using CDs and DVDs in the PlayStation and PC versions of the game to using the various input methods of the first generation Nintendo DS version.

The animated series also ran in the US as a part of two major animation blocks, as the series was edited for content and dubbed for broadcast on the syndicated BKN and Fox Kids blocks over three seasons in the early 2000s. The series comprises a total of 73 episodes and Hulu currently has the first 12 English dubbed episodes posted.

The series also has a checkered home video history, as ADV Films previously released the complete first season on VHS and the first 12 episodes on DVD only to halt the releases after the series was pulled from TV broadcast. License holder BKN attempted home video again in 2005 and licensed the DVD rights to a Canadian firm that failed to complete the releases, as it only managed to release one barebones volume containing 5 episodes, then re-releasing the same first volume with 8 episodes before halting production entirely and going dormant as of 2008.

The series being posted on Hulu may also signal another home video release, as this long running thread on Anime News Network’s forum indicates that the series being posted on Hulu is the precursor to a brand-new home video release of the series, with the complete series including English and Japanese dubs as well as unedited footage for both versions.

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