Saturday, 14 July 2012

New Space Sheriff Gavan Revealed!


Recently, it was confirmed that a new Space Sheriff Gavan movie is coming with rumors that a new actor will be the new Gavan. At the same time, new official images start to surfaced showing 2 different Gavan at the same time! Retsu Ichijouji (Kenji Ohba) will pass down the torch to the new Space Sheriff Gavan!

The new Gavan will be played by Yuma Ishigaki, who is a popular face in the Azumi films and Hana Kimi television show. Thanks to the modern crossover with Gokaigers in the movie, Gokaiger vs Gavan, Gavan had once again gained fans of the new generation. Osamu Kenada, who was the director for Let's Go! Kamen Rider movie and the dreamed crossover movie, Super Sentai x Kamen Rider: Super Hero Taisen will direct the new Gavan movie. Yuji Kobayashi who was responsible for Ultraman Max and Gekiranger will be in charge of the script writing for the movie.
As the mantle of Gavan is passed down to a new generation of hero, fans are wondering what will happen to the original actor and character, Kenji Ohba. All will be unfold in the movie which will premiere on 20th of October, 2012.

Source: Mantan-Web via Gideon Buroguブログ

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