Sunday, 1 July 2012

GSC, Max Factory and Phat Company Shifts Office to Tokyo Sky Tree


Mika-tan just updated her blog that GoodSmile Company, Max Factory and Phat Company would be shifting to their new office, which would be located at the 17th floor of  Tokyo Sky Tree East Tower.

It must be pretty darn to to be working in such a tall glass building that is now the landmark of Japan. Anyway, if you had been following the GSC blog for some time, you would know that their blog title take inspiration from where their office is location. Hence the current one “Move Forward 10 Blocks from Matsudo Station (松戸駅から10マス進む」)” would have to be updated.

Folks who will like to help Mika-tan come up with a new title can drop her an email by 9 Jul 2012, and she would pick the best one which will be placed on the header of the top page of the GSC blog along with your username. You can also find out from details here.

Source: via Alafista

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