Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Digimon Xros Wars Digimon Hunter: Taici and Masaru Returns!

Episode 68 ending
SPOILER! watch at your own risk!

Jan. 15th: ep. 69 (TH15): "Do You Want Friends? Phelesmon's Demonic Pact"
Jan. 22nd (estimated): ep. 70 (TH16): "Doki Doki Horror Experience! Spirit Hunter Roars!"
Jan. 29th (estimated): ep. 71 (TH17): "Resembles? Not at all? Disguise/Transform Kaitou Betsumon"
Feb. 5th (estimated): ep. 72 (TH18): "UFO· Dinosaur Great Gathers! Ekakimon of Dream"

Episode Summaries:
>Makoto Tamura has just moved into Tagiru's city. Because he has always been transferring between different schools, he doesn't have any friends; he meets Phelesmon who calls himself "an angel", and makes a contract with him, and Makoto listens to what Phelesmon says to make his move. On the first day he transfers to the new school, besides Tagiru who's just late for school, Makoto gets an unusual welcome from his classmates...

>A student from Tagiru's school witnesses a mysterious light within a Phone Box. The student also hears a voice calling for help from the telephone handset. Tagiru believes this is a Digimon's doing, and decides to go into the Phone Box with Yuu to find out. Over there, they meet Kaoru Mayuzumi who calls themself the "Spirit Hunter"...

>After hearing that the Legendary Digimon Omegamon has appeared, Tagiru plans to hunt it. However, the one that appears is a Kaidou Digimon that's very good at transforming (in disguise) in the Digital World: Betsumon. Tagiru tries to hunt it anyway, but then he finds out that Gumdramon and Betsumon used to be partners who caused trouble together...

>Shouta loves to draw UFO and UMA. However, his classmates see those drawings and laugh at him for his delusional imagination. As Shouta feels regretful, Ekakimon appears, and begins to praise him for his art works...

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