Monday, 30 January 2012

Mammoth Ranger and Aka Ranger To Appear in Gokaiger!


 Zyuranger fans have been pretty vocal about their dismay of not having a Zyuranger cameo, let alone a tribute episode. The team had received Zyurangers’ Great Powers through Gai while he was unconscious and was given his Gokai Cellar from Abare Killer, Time Fire and Dragon Ranger. Abare Killer was the only one of the three to be seen outside of his suit, however both Abaranger and Time Ranger later had their own tribute episode. 

Given the time frame, we predict it’s only going to be a short cameo of sorts, leading us to wonder for what reason in the plot is Goushi (Seiju UmonAka Ranger as being the somewhat leader of all the teams so it makes sense that he would appear in the final episode to send off the anniversary series. 

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