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Special Interview with Katsuyuki Konishi 35th, Gosei Knight Role Actor

tell us about your memories of the first to Konishi's own toys  

Katsuyuki:Kinkeshi childhood was collected. At that time, there are instances in the home to throw away, I just set aside the withdrawal. But I certainly was about the size of 60 cm square, about three Temashita Kinkeshi it clogged. I think parents have already been abandoned. If I still treasure it if I was (laughs).
Now I have to buy as much as possible. The house actually jump (1.82 meters) long if there is a catchall, I become filled with toys I have in it. Luggage has no more, "says this!" And I think other than one patient.
Then you have to ask you about this Figuarts What do you think that new products are released after the show?
I am happy. Special effects like a hero from childhood, just once I want to cast Tamashii. Goseinaito helped that it was my first time such a role of hero you. People not yet unlike traditional sixth. Only when the pinch is felt that 駆Ke付Kenai settings, Temashita I worked together with the other five as regular solid. I want to thank you, including the role of such set.
Please tell us what you think actually when ever seen in figures

SHFiguarts may have even touched before, and I also made ​​this product very well. Actually I 'faction to keep opening the box "It is not that. It is bulky but I so rooms (wry smile). And why is called, open the box and also Figuarts this, and I absolutely cellular Leung Chau Toka Dattara lost me. But I do not like it, can not stand it opened Chai Well (laughs). Oh · · What is Goseiger go ahead? Everyone, I bad (laughs).

have to put up with the buying toys, toys for when the show is aired or something but you do not have a Face? (Why Gosei Knight didnt have a human face?)

Katsuyuki: have a soft vinyl is Goseinaito. When you show not aired, and the dubbing was playing with it alone. "I Goseinaito me!" (Laughs).What is the first I'm dubbing the Goseinaito difficult. When I was assigned to the anime cut out so the timing is not easy to understand his character name. But there also was a special-effects show for the first time, did not know how much and where should I Shaberedomo. Part Moreover, the more I cry the mortal scene in six, five non-perfect I'm breathing so I have to play together. I used to feel I can not disturb them containing their own pace. Five words are remembered because it is already acting in front of the camera, because they also speak in the same way as me, I remember talking Temashita words as possible without seeing the script.
Reporter: is in addition to Bandai Chogokin VF DX-25S Messiah (Ozma machine), Saint Cloth Myth Phoenix Ikki (holy garments), etc., has gone out a number of items involved was responsible for Konishi's voice. Do you have these?

Katsuyuki: I have all Valkyrie and Konishi, I also have all Phoenix Ikki. I bought a set of five bronze Saint Seiya. What is not so I do not have to be a character played by his toys? I bought it within the shop are lined so. I want the even slower later.
In addition
the current , in Super Robot Chogokin Big Bol Fogg is in progress.

I feel it is for quite a while Konishi. "Each big symbol is never seen fog" (laughs). Well, I is not a product not yet available. The form is very cool, hey I can quite elaborate. Gaogaigar of Koch is also cool. "Gaogaigar" It is memorable because it was the first regular program for me.
Please tell me
if what you want personally commercialize.

originally wanted a figure moving Goseinaito Konishi, and I would be a dream come true this actually is one. Speaking on the header transformed into a luxury Grande, but I want that also includes Leon Goseinaito cellular deformation further. Lined with dolls I want later. It is a real pleasure from the figure that can reproduce moving scenes on TV. I want to reproduce with the bid poses Goseiger Toka. A metal and is also good Hey Burajira later. I want to enclose Buredoran Goseinaito around. The movie "Hero Sentai Go-chi-199 Daikessen Jar Jar Gosei" super Buredoran is also coming out, "or still grow?" I thought of (laughs).
 魂の骨格 第35回 ゴセイナイト役 声優 小西克幸 スペシャルインタビュー魂の骨格 第35回 ゴセイナイト役 声優 小西克幸 スペシャルインタビュー魂の骨格 第35回 ゴセイナイト役 声優 小西克幸 スペシャルインタビュー
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I Konishi
, will not Tsuiteru Goseinaito is asleep in his header on the Grundy. I believe the day come back to play again Goseinaito. The other day, "Gokaija" A to the value of metal came out. Look at it "(Inoue) Marina, I do" I thought it (laughs).

What I think is less opportunity for such products out of the Super Sentai hero. Wow that's come in after the show yet. Commercialization of higher because I've heard your requests. Thank you very much. So much good can I be surprised, Goseinaito wanted you, please come to order.

 Katsuyuki Konishi (and snow to this)

April 21, 1973 Born in Wakayama Prefecture. Production belongs to Ken. Katsuta actor after graduating from college, "Brave King Gaogaigar" (1997) debut in the role Borufoggu voice. Anime, game, dubbed Movie, while active in the CD, troupe "Q Herohero Company" has served as Vice Chair. Representative work is "Hen Saint Seiya Hades Hades" (2005) Phoenix Ikki "Gurren Lagann" (2007), Kamina, "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" (2008), Johann Trinity "Macross F" (2008) Ozma such as Lee.

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