Monday, 23 January 2012

Rockman/Megaman-Kamen Rider Decade Version (Download Here)

 Journey Through The Decade.
Megaman/Rockman Kamen Rider Decade Version. Ok, first there are 2 kinds. One has a Kamen Rider Decade at the Menu screen while the other has Bass/Forte on it. The picture below is the second one with the Bass/Forte on the menu screen. Both game does not need any emulator, just download the game and extract it to play. Any help you can refer the "Read Me" note/file. Click on Dr. Light icon in the folder to adjust the screen size.

 By The ToNg:
Click Here To Download

By djkidna:

Many thanks to The ToNg and djkidna for creating this game ^_^


  1. I don't know who MeGamRedz is but that's my mod of the game.

  2. The download link is dead T-T pls fix it