Monday, 2 January 2012

Pokemon Gray (Updated)


Pokemon Black and White is still fresh and new, the adventure has just begun. However, some of us are already waiting for the next addition to the franchise, Pokemon Gray will most likely be the next new game in the pokemon series.

 Nothing is known about the remake of Pokemon Black & White, but we can speculate things about it.
  • Seing as they added the "Battle Frontier" to both Pokemon Emerald and Platinum, it is possible that they add one in Pokemon Gray.
  • The new story would probably involve Kyurem, the Dragon/Ice Pokemon from the 5th Generation.
  • The Gym Leaders could get animated sprites just like in Pokemon Platinum
  • Gym leader rematches would be possible like in Pokemon Emerald & Platinum
 The president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, said that games would still come for the original Nintendo DS/DSi systems. Nintendo will not lose money by making Pokemon Gray an Original DS game, Since the 3DS can play those. So maybe...It won't be for the 3DS. However, remakes of Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire will most likely be made for the Nintendo 3DS

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