Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 20 Preview

Next time on Kamen Rider Fourze...

Next week, Fourze will gain his Magner States, Kengo, Miu and Nozama will be Team Fotress XD i mean wearing soldier suits. Fourze will also use the prepelar/fan Module with the Flash Module for under water excavation. Fourze Magufon've lost. Joined forces with Meteor, but succeeded in escaping from the dragon somehow Zodiac Arts, Taro Strings (Blue welfare) to fiasco Kengo (Akira Takahashi Dragon) is angry penetration. Taro is also bowed strings, "I'm another person of the land" and refuse to cooperate. Taro is stunned and princes an isolated chord fully robust. While looking at two such, Meteor (Akira Yoshizawa) to shake the power of the dragon also.
"The rider" is Miwa (Rikako Sakata), under the direction of, while the search for the string Taro Magufon et al, Yuki (Shimizu added Fumi) and colleagues at the land Rumi (侑紀 Kato) struggle to convince the coach to Kengo but something went wrong...

 If you missed episode 19 here is the link:
Part 1: HERE
Part 2: HERE

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