Monday, 30 January 2012

Super Hero Taisen: More Scans Revealed!


Everyone's dream crossover had finally came true and it was brought to live in the upcoming Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen. Ever since than, more and more news are surfacing the vast internet world via Tokusatsu-fanbase forums, blogs, sites and etc. And Recently, a bunch of scans and images of the movie coming from the early released of the latest Hyper Hobby magazine is now up! So, READ ON!

A bunch of casts were confirmed such as the return of Daiki Kaito, the thieving Kamen Rider Diend, and this time, they've also said that the so-called messenger who had cursed Kamen Rider Decade every time he is around has return. Yes! He is non-other than NARUTAKI! Popular for his curse phrase, "ONORE DIKEIDO!!~~~"

Tsukasa as Kamen Rider Decade once again donned the title of the Great Leader of Daishocker. With the help of Doctor G, they assembled all the Kamen Riders and Daishocker's army in order to destroy the Super Sentai Heroes. Doctor G became his right hand man in leading the Daishocker.

On the other hand, Captain Marvelous, who once collected the great powers of 34 Super Sentai is now dubbed as "The Great Emperor of Dai Zangack". The very reason he is attempting to destroy all the Kamen Riders is because he is chasing after another Universe's greatest treasure, only accessible with Kamen Rider's Great Powers?!

Despite that, it is still unclear why the 2 groups of heroes of the earth are now clashing among each other? What was the purpose of this clash and what outcome will it bring?

Meanwhile, at AGHS, the Kamen Rider Club saw a swarn of meteor shower falling from the Rabbit Hutch and decide to check it out. What surprises them is that, the meteor shower were actually a fleet of Dai Zangack led by Gokai-Red came attacking them! Captain Marvelous had plan an invasion on them!

Kamen Rider Decade, who's leading the Daishocker with his right hand man, Doctor G decide to take on the 36th Sentai Team, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters! Are they capable of stopping him and his armies?
Anyways,here's a list of confirmed casts that was mentioned in the magazine's article:
  • Masahiro Inoue- Kamen Rider Decade/ Tsukasa Kadoya
  • Kimito Totani- Kamen Rider Diend/ Daiki Kaito
  • Riho Takada- Izumi Hina
  • Shu Watanabe- Kamen Rider OOO/ Hino Eiji
  • Ryota Ozawa- Gokai-Red/ Captain Marvelous
  • Yuki Yamada- Gokai-Blue/ Joe Gibken
  • Mao Ichimochi- Gokai-Yellow/ Luka Milfy
  • Kazuki Shimizu- Gokai-Green/ Don "Doc" Dogoier
  • Yui Koike- Gokai-Pink/ Ahim De Famille
  • Junya Ikeda- Gokai-Silver/ Gai Ikari
  • Sota Fukushi- Kamen Rider Fourze/ Gentaro Kisaragi
  • Ryuki Takahashi- Kengo Utahoshi
  • Fumika Shimizu- Yuki Joujima
  • Yoshizawa Ryo- Kamen Rider Meteor/ Ryusei Sakuta
  • Katsuhiro Suzuki - Red Buster/ Hiromu Sakurada 
  • Ryoma Baba - Blue Buster/ Ryuji Iwasaki 
  • Arisa Komiya - Yellow Buster/ Yoko Usami 
  • Tatsuhito Okuda - Narutaki 
  • Rina Akiyama - Naomi 
  • Kenjiro Ishimaru - Owner

Source: via Gideon Buroguブログ

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