Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tokumei Sentai Gobuster Cast Update!

Here are some updates about the cast and the suit actors for the 36th Super Sentai series, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters that will air this February 26th. This update includes the official voice actors for the BuddyRoids, suit actor updates and an additional cast member.

In the latest issue of Hobby Japan, they revealed the official voice actors for the Go-Busters' robot partners, the BuddyRoids. The BuddyRoids are voiced by the following:

Keiji Fujiwara
(Axel from Kingdom Hearts, Maes Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist, Dinobot from Beast Wars) as Nick Chida
Tessho Genda (Japanese Optimus Prime, Magiranger's Narrator) as Banana Gori-saki
Tatsuhiro Suzuki as Usada Letas

Hideo Sakaki will play the role of Takeshi Kuroki in the series. It is likely that he will be the mentor figure for the three Go-Busters.

Lastly, according to multiple blog sources, the three suit actors for the three Go-Busters are:

Yoshifumi Oshikawa - Red Buster for Hiromu Sakurada played by Katsuhiro Suzuki
Yasuhiro Takeuchi - Blue Buster for Ryuji Iwasaki played by Ryouma Baba
Yuchi Hachisuka - Yellow Buster for Youko Usami played by Arisa Komiya

Source: via Orends: Range

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