Friday, 27 January 2012

Kamen Rider Meteor Upgrade & Cancer Horoscope Debut

Ok, so everybody can't wait for the Magnet States debut this Sunday and it looks like Meteor is getting a new form as well. His head will now have 2 head crest, by the looks of it is like a Dragon/Dinosaur from the godzilla series. The upgrade could be a new switch, a switch from Fourze or taking out the planetarium on it's belt.
From the picture above my guest is, a Switch with a Giant Meteor on top. The new form could be name Asteroid Form?

Next, we have the Pegasus Zodiart and Cygnus Zodiart. Pegasus will appear in episode 21 & 22 while Cygnus will appear in Episode 23.

Lastly, the Cancer Horoscope. Strong? could be, but the question is...who? (Cancer guessing is Bubble or like Kamen Rider Scissors). 

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