Sunday, 8 January 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 18 Preview: "Gen and Ryu's Showdown"

Next Time on Kamen Rider Fourze...

Zodiaart one of the zodiacal constellations, in order to determine what will Aries, Zodiac Meteor links would escape the arts. Fourze forgive such a way we are fighting against Meteor, Meteor can not handle fast motion. Cornered to Tomoko Foze (Shiho), Miwa (Rikako Sakata) from "the rider" but to protect all, or Meteor is "I'm not their friend, youre the Enemy," we said thrown away.


 Returned to the rabbit hutch "Rider Part" Kamen Rider Meteor (Akira Yoshizawa) suddenly appeared.
A "Do not let me work well".
We can never tell members that the meteor is actually a meteor, but the meteors to welcome everyone Iribe, Taro against one chord.
Heck, why ...?

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