Saturday, 14 January 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 19 Preview


Next time on Kamen Rider Fourze...

"Rider Part" meteor was provisionally Iribe (Akira Yoshizawa), and Kengo (Akira Takahashi, Ryu) of the switch was tested against the Foze insidiously.
"He, to my location".

Kengo involuntarily but be excited about, lifted strings Taro Henshin (Blue welfare), according to the contents of the mind to see more from the meteor, and that I have staged.
Kengo also pretending to be calm. Then hurry to stop to adjust the # 31 and # 30 switches. Will there be a secret ... something the two switches?

Hayami, principal at that time (Hironari Amano) were Zodiatsu will be a new birth.
"Gave him a challenge. Foze and Meteor, and destroying the case of two Rider."
A new crisis was approaching meteor ... Taro chord.
If you missed episode 18 here is the link:
Part 1: HERE
Part 2: HERE

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